Paris, “La Coulée Verte” René-Dumont, May 2022

Paris, “La Coulée Verte” René-Dumont, May 2022
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I have wanted to do this walk for a long time. It’s just 5.83km (3.62mi) with bridges, tunnels that connect La Bastille to Vincennes. A nice walk in sight.
It was hot, very hot. Many Parisians have taken advantage of this tree-lined promenade which protects from the sun. It’s a pleasure to be able to walk without having to cross a street, without car horns. It made me think of New York with the High line park and its pedestrian zone and its promenade on the old elevated railway line.
To be honest, I didn’t have a guide and didn’t follow a GPS. So I got a bit lost. It must be said that the Coulée Verte crosses gardens and it is easy to get lost. I still found my way.
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