Paris, Le Marais and its unusual places, February 2022

Le Marais and its unusual places, Paris, February 2022
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A very nice walk in this discovery of the places around Le Marais. There are still the remains of the old city walls but modernism is there and knocks at the door of all these places steeped in history. What a shame to lose a part of this past…
You will see a detail on the Hôtel de Sens, a mini ball has been preserved and dated July 28, 1830, during the Three Glorious Years. But is it really the truth…
You can also discover hidden bars, such as the one in a grocery store or even in a laundromat. You will have to find the button of the fake washing machine to discover this place. But places are expensive because it is very small.
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Special thanks:
Thanks to Christophe, from the Meetup group “La Boutique Insolite” [here] which organized this outing “Promenade: “Le Marais and its unusual places”.


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