Paris, Street-art in the 13th, May 2022

Paris, Street-art in the 13th, May 2022
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You know how much I love street_art and share these beautiful murals. Today, I was invited to China Town (13th arrondissement) for a meal in a Vietnamese restaurant to also attend a show. This will be the subject of another article.
Knowing that the 13th contains many frescoes, I decided to leave earlier and walk from the beginning of Rue Jeanne d’Arc to reach Avenue d’Ivry. I wandered through the streets, buildings to provide you with a series of photos. I took the opportunity to add other street-art photos that I had not yet published.
I add links that allow you to have routes if you are curious and like it. There are also paid walks if you wish.
Small anecdote: on the avenue d’Ivry, charming Asians approach you to ask you “Massage”. I don’t put three small dots after massage, but I think they should be added. I leave it up to you to decide what “…” means..
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