Philippines, December 2017

The Philippines, December 2017
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I had the chance to discover more in depth the kindness of Filipinos in Manila, Tagaytay or on the island of Panglao during this 2nd trip to the Philippines. From Manila to Panglao, people are just waiting to talk to strangers.
In Bohol, I met young women with whom I spoke, who were surprised to see a stranger stop and take the time to talk with them. Most of the time, in Panglao, foreigners only see the Philippines through the window of their transfer between the hotel and the airport. They are there for the sun, the sea and for some diving.
When you ride a jeepney or a bus, it only takes a few minutes to start the conversation with your neighbour, we are far from the Paris metro … I played with the children pretending that I photographed them. They were laughing all the time. A great pleasure to see them so happy in a country that knows poverty.
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