Pista Sa Paris, France, June 2017

Pista Sa Paris, France, June 2017
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You know that since my first trip to the Philippines, I fell in love with this country. By consulting Facebook, I learn that at the Muette stadium, the Filipino Parisians meet there to celebrate the independence of the Philippines. On June 12, 1898, the Philippine gained independence from the Spaniards with the help of the Americans. Spain, however, does not really grant independence to the Philippines since they sold in the US for $20 million. The country really gets its independence on July 4, 1946.
On the menu of this day, a Miss contest, basketball games, the flagship sport in the Philippines. While walking on the track of the stadium, I hear mainly Talking Tagalog and I often have to communicate in English. But it was an immense pleasure. I felt a little there.


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