Ragusa, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021

Ragusa, Sicilia, Italy, July 2021
A very beautiful city that requires a full day to visit it, unfortunately I only had a few hours. To feel the atmosphere of this place as it was a few centuries ago, you have to walk, go up and down many stairs. You may be exhausted but you will have walked in the footsteps of the “Ragusanis”.
You have to forget your GPS and travel this city up and down. Do not hesitate to meander through this city by taking the little alleys, some so narrow that you can touch both sides.


Ragusa: The site of Ragusa has been occupied since Antiquity. This ancient habitat, then medieval, corresponds to the current district of Ibla (name of the old town). In 1693, a terrible earthquake struck the city and largely destroyed it. During the reconstruction after the earthquake, two clans clash: the bourgeois who wish to rebuild elsewhere, and the nobles, who prefer to stay where they are. The reconstruction will be carried out on the medieval bases in Ibla, and a new town is born above the old quarters. Ragusa-Nuova (“Ragusa la Neuve”) therefore contrasts with its wide, rectilinear streets and its majestic Baroque buildings. Ibla keeps its medieval cachet, dominated by the Saint George dome (Duomo San Giorgio), with its winding streets and its many baroque houses and churches. Since 2002, the entire old town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site5 alongside 7 other emblematic late Baroque towns in the Noto Valley.
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