Rosas, Spain, July 2012

Rosas, Spain, July 2012
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Rosas, by the sea, in Catalonia. You must speak Spanish and even better Catalan. All panels are in Spanish and Catalan. Many French people also spent in this city, close to the border. If you listen, you can make pairs of parakeets, perched in the palm trees. They were nestled here and decided to take up residence.
In 2h30 you can reach Barcelona, ​​which is worth a visit. A very nice visit that I travelled with the tourist buses, a good way to discover the city.
You can also take a trip to Figueiras, home to the Dali Museum. You can discover beautiful works, so a famous fresco that reveals two patterns depending on how you look at it. In the photo, it is difficult to distinguish these 2 tables in one.
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