Sardinia, Italy, November 2016

Sardinia, Italy, November 2016
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A few days of rest in Sardinia and take the opportunity to locate for future dives. I took the ferry from Toulon to have a car there. The finish is at Golfo Aranci welcomed in the harbor by dolphins, a good omen. I crossed Sardinia to go to Algarance, on the northwest coast. The roads are all under construction to become major highways, thanks to European aid. This bodes for an increase in tourism.
Algarande is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean, a fortified city with a wall along the sea because Sardinia was coveted by its strategic position. If you want to buy a house, you can do it because a lot of houses are in bad shape and have to negotiate well. While walking, I also heard French people come to visit property for a purchase in this peaceful little corner.
If you want to go, do it quickly because the tourist will come to more and more numerous.
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