Syracusa and Ortigia, Sicily, Italy, July 2021

Syracusa and Ortigia, Sicily, Italy, July 2021
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Syracusa is a peaceful little town. Beautiful churches, few beaches, but I discovered a pleasant restaurant, Zen & Jonico, with a terrace and the possibility of swimming. You have to pay to access the terrace but it is worth the detour, far from the busy beaches.
Ortygia Island has many monuments and churches. Strolling through its narrow and old streets is a marvel of discovery, not only for its churches but also for the atmosphere that reigns there. There you will discover dilapidated and beautiful buildings, forcing your eyes to stop to look. These narrow streets will prevent you from engraving these images for eternity, only your memory will allow you to keep their traces there. Only inconvenience, the small cars, noisy aui remove the charm for a few minutes, too bad they are not electric …
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