The Projects

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The Projects
I have many travel plans depending on the period.
+ Before retirement
  • European capitals and major cities for long weekends,
  • A discovery of several cities in Ukraine for a train trip,
  • Istanbul, …
Europe will remain the privileged “playing area” before retirement.


+ Retired

  • The USA for 3 months, maximum visa period,
  • Australia, also for 3 months (visa),
  • South America would also please me with a multi-country stay, by train, bus, …
  • The discovery of Asian countries: Vietnam, Laos, … with multi-country trips,
  • China: Beijing, the Great Wall of China, and many other places,
  • Africa for photo safaris and the discovery of these countries with one month trips.



Trips in preparation
• Athens (5 days) in March 2022: A tradition for several years, to celebrate my birthday in a European city. Unfortunately, the pandemic remains the question mark.
+ Provisional program

  • Piraeus with the Church of the Holy Trinity and its port,
  • The churches of Athens: Church of the Holy Apostles, Armenian Orthodox Cathedral, …
  • The Acropolis, the Areopagus, the prison of Socrates, …
  • Surely a night tour of Athens via GetYourGuide or others Tour Operator,
Fortunately, the places are quite close together, which will facilitate this short visit.

• Moscow and Saint Petersburg in May 2022: I really want to discover these 2 Russian cities and the transfer between the 2 cities will be done by train. I like to discover local transport. Will the pandemic still force me to change this project since I had already planned it in June 2021? I hope not …
•  The Philippines at the end of 2022: The 5th trip to this country of heart, hoping for the opening of borders and then, diving is on the program. It will be the discovery mainly of the north of the main island.
+ Provisional program

  • One hundred islands that I couldn’t do in 2019,
  • Rice terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, in Banaue,
  • Donsol for diving and hopefully whale sharks.

• Harbin and the Ice Festival in February: I keep deprogramming this trip. This will be done during the Chinese New Year festivities with Harbin and Beijing.
Projets en maturation
• Tour of Sicily: It will be a trip over a week to go around the island. I have already done Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica, Notto so I would surely skip this sector. My origins are 25% Sicilian (maternal branch) so I would benefit from a return to my Sicilian roots.
+ Provisional program

After a trip around Syracuse, it was unnecessary to add this part of the island. This route allows to have the seaside as well as the mountains, and especially the volcano that I could not see. A little cinematographic touch with a passage through the town of Corleone.

• Tour of Sardinia: A one-week tour to discover the island. Being also for 25% Sardinian (maternal branch), it is a return to my Sardinian roots. I will especially go through Carloforté, the birthplace of my great-great-grandfather.
+ Provisional program

I voluntarily removed the north of the island since I already know the part between Olbia and Alghero.

• Naples and its surroundings: The last 25% Italians. Naples and especially Torre Del Greco, the city that my great-grandparents (maternal branch) left to seek a better life in French Algeria.
+ Provisional program

The places in the red circle are the ones I would like to see. I would see if I did not take the opportunity to go to Capri and Salernes.

• Malta: A week that I would like to organize with my children. These are the remaining 25% of my origins since it is the paternal branch. I have already spent a week between Valletta and Gozo. The program will be done with them. It will surely be trips, by quad, a means of locomotion that I love, especially in a country where traffic is on the left …