The Projects

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The Projects
I have many travel plans depending on the period.
+ Before retirement
  • European capitals and major cities for long weekends,
  • A discovery of several cities in Ukraine for a train trip,
  • Istanbul, …
Europe will remain the privileged “playing area” before retirement.


+ Retired

  • The USA for 3 months, maximum visa period,
  • Australia, also for 3 months (visa),
  • South America would also please me with a multi-country stay, by train, bus, …
  • The discovery of Asian countries: Vietnam, Laos, … with multi-country trips,
  • China: Beijing, the Great Wall of China, and many other places,
  • Africa for photo safaris and the discovery of these countries with one month trips.



Next trips
• Istanbul in Turkey (8 days) in September 2022: A trip to the heart of this country, a bridge between two worlds.
+ Provisional program

  • The Hagia Sophia, The Topkapı Palace, The Blue Mosque, ….
  • A cruise on the Bosphorus, possibly with dinner.
  • Typical neighborhoods like Sultanahmet, Balat, Bebek and Ortaköy
  • The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul gastronomy and its markets.

• The Philippines (20 days) in January 2023: The 5th trip to this country of hearts. It will be, mainly, the discovery of the north of the main island.
+ Provisional program

  • One hundred islands that I couldn’t do in 2019,
  • Rice terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, in Banaue,
  • I hope: Donsol for diving and, perhaps, whale sharks.



Trips in preparation
• Moscow and Saint Petersburg in end of 2023: I really want to discover these 2 Russian cities and the transfer between the 2 cities will be done by train. I like to discover local transport. Will the pandemic still force me to change this project since I had already planned it in June 2021? I hope not …
• Harbin and the Ice Festival in February: I keep deprogramming this trip. This will be done during the Chinese New Year festivities with Harbin and Beijing.
Projets en maturation
• Tour of Sicily: It will be a trip over a week to go around the island. I have already done Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica, Notto so I would surely skip this sector. My origins are 25% Sicilian (maternal branch) so I would benefit from a return to my Sicilian roots.
+ Provisional program

After a trip around Syracuse, it was unnecessary to add this part of the island. This route allows to have the seaside as well as the mountains, and especially the volcano that I could not see. A little cinematographic touch with a passage through the town of Corleone.

• Tour of Sardinia: A one-week tour to discover the island. Being also for 25% Sardinian (maternal branch), it is a return to my Sardinian roots. I will especially go through Carloforté, the birthplace of my great-great-grandfather.
+ Provisional program

I voluntarily removed the north of the island since I already know the part between Olbia and Alghero.

• Naples and its surroundings: The last 25% Italians. Naples and especially Torre Del Greco, the city that my great-grandparents (maternal branch) left to seek a better life in French Algeria.
+ Provisional program

The places in the red circle are the ones I would like to see. I would see if I did not take the opportunity to go to Capri and Salernes.

• Malta: A week that I would like to organize with my children. These are the remaining 25% of my origins since it is the paternal branch. I have already spent a week between Valletta and Gozo. The program will be done with them. It will surely be trips, by quad, a means of locomotion that I love, especially in a country where traffic is on the left …