Portraits, October and November 2019
One of my favorite pages even as a wink this time. It must be remembered that in India cows are sacred, like monkeys, rats, elephants. So I considered that cows like monkeys also have the right to their portrait. At first, I wanted to title the page “Characters”, as I did for the Philippines, but cows and monkeys are not.
Of these women who transport goods from the train to the platform, or these flower merchants, this ironer, a wide range of characters telling a story, their story, their life.
I was a little moved by this man and his son. Instead of taking my money, he would ask me to accompany him to a store to buy rice. The person spoke in English, poorly, but in English. My friend Akshatha, to whom I spoke about it, did not understand either. Poor people don’t speak English normally.
I could have taken many photos, beautiful portraits but I still refuse to show the misery that certain families know.
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