Special, October and November 2019
In this special, I have brought together images of night, of monkeys, of Street-Art. I also put some videos, these are the ones that were put in the Blog section.
The idea of ​​using street art to talk about the environment is really excellent and remarkable. However, I don’t really notice the effects, which is normal given the large population. The hope is that the message will be read by the children, which is not certain.
I also really like the humor of the Indians concerning the men who urinate everywhere, which I have noticed during my walks.
The monkeys, rhesus macaques, are fed by associations in order to prevent all accidents that have occurred in the past. A policeman even died falling from a balcony trying to repel a monkey. These monkeys were also sterilized.
The videos
Note: I am not a video editing pro, so my motto “Go to the easiest”.
The pictures
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