Street markets

Street Markets, October and November 2019
Forget the European markets with these neatly aligned stalls. You are no longer in the same world. Of course, you will still have a few straight alleys but there will still be confusion. Each defends its small territory to sell its products. During the festival of Divali, it is especially the flowers which are exchanged. Flowers decorate houses, cars. It is a multicolored city that will offer itself to you.
The covered markets are dark, a few bulbs hardly illuminate the goods. It’s a special atmosphere. You have to find your way around this maze, but you have to enter it, KR Market in Bangalore or Crawford Market in Mumbai, for example. I have done a few covered markets and it is always a pleasure. I love the markets anyway, especially those in the south of France, where I’m from.
The shopping streets are also special. Take a trip to Khari Baoli in Delhi, the spice market. You will be dizzy with all the scents of the stalls. The street belongs to buyers, sellers, transporters. Cars don’t really have a place there. The tuks-tuks, the carts pulled by the cows or by the men are the transports of these broad but congested streets.
Don’t be afraid to go to these different markets. I have been to most of the markets on my own. It’s not always easy to find your way, but with a big smile, everything is going well.
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