Transportation, October and November 2019
Like the USA, the plane is the fastest way to travel given the distances between cities. India is a vast country and has more than 300 airports. Another widely used means of transport is the train. On the other hand, we should not be in a hurry. You will take almost 22 hours to travel Bangalore-Mumbai by train against less than 2 hours by plane. The bus is another way to reach big cities and of course times are getting longer. Inside the cities, you have the train, the metro (Delhi, Bangalore), buses, taxis, Uber (which I used a lot), tuk-tuks.
When I prepared for this trip, I wanted to take as many different types of transport as possible. So, I had asked Saiprasad to be able to take the train to get to Mysore. This is what we did but it is not easy to spot his train when it arrives. Moreover, you already cannot imagine the number of classes / tickets available on the trains. There are 9 different classes, from “G” class, the cheapest and most crowded with wooden seats, to “1A”, the most expensive, air-conditioned 1st class. We took “2A” cars with air conditioning with lots of space, curtains and individual lamps. There are bunks and an employee comes by to bring clean sheets. There are even electrical outlets to charge your phone. Street vendors also pass by, you will not die of hunger.
The return was made by bus to the center of Bangalore. A great adventure once again. A stop along the way allows you to eat and take a technical break. Then we had to take the Bangalore metro. A very modern and very secure metro. Being used to Paris, I was happy to see people stand to the side of doors before they opened. But at the opening, people do not wait and try to get directly into the wagons, me who complains about Paris.
Lors de la visite guidée Local transport in Mumbai, we took the train but also tuk-tuks or shared taxis, in France the Uber do it now. In Delhi, we took an electric tuk-tuk, a good initiative that surprised me and made me very happy. Depending on your walks, you may have the chance to meet camels on the main axes, as was my case
The transport of goods is done by trucks, the decorations of which are splendid. We must not forget the distances between towns and some, remote, can only be refueled by trucks.
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