Petra, Jordan, October 2018

What more can you say: it’s amazing. I would never have imagined such a place. A short walk of 0.62mi (1km) before reaching Al Sîq (“The Ditch”). You will then discover the entrance to the 0.74mi (1.2km) parade that will take you to “Khazneh” (“The Treasury of the Pharaoh”), the most famous monument of Petra. This parade is splendid by the colors and its dimensions. You will also discover small votive niches containing sculptures of gods, or the “Aqueducs” which have been fashioned in the rock on each side, in order to supply water to the city in the center of Petra, as you will see in the photographs. In addition, small dams have been created as well as water tanks. On this path, you will also discover the remains of a very damaged which represented a dromedary and camel drivers arriving at their destination; the great caravan city and capital of the Nabataeans. And finally, at the end of this parade, you discover the Khazneh, with the pink sandstone façade carved directly into the rock.
The most spectacular monument is deserved. This is the “Deir” (from Arabic “al-Deir”, “the monastery”). It’s one of the best known buildings, with and the largest of the ancient city. Its facade is 147ft (45m) wide by 137ft (42m) high. Why does he deserve? Simply because the arrival in front of the monument is via a path and stairs of 800 steps carved into the rock. There are some pictures showing this trail and some steps, including one with goats.
The site is so vast that it’s hard to really know where to go. The site Petra is visited in 3 days to take his time. There is also a “Little Petra” that I would have had time to visit the day before but unfortunately, I was too tired by the busy day. To visit, I had a French speaking guide, I saw myself misunderstanding all the explanations in English, and especially remember me. Despite this, I did not retain everything.
The advice: Go directly to the Monastery on your way to Pétra. You’ll have energy and you’ll be able to visit the rest of the site with fewer people because visitors move in order…
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