Face of the Filipinos, December 2017

I was hampered always to photograph people in the street, I prefer stones, landscapes. But to paint portraits in the Philippines was a pleasure. People smile, make gestures with fingers.
I became more audacious, playing with the children with my device. To choose those who had to appear here was very difficult.
I had 30 portraits at first and to cut, I asked to friends to give myself their own choice.
Special thanks:
All the TBS, Saiprasad team, Marie-Jeanne, Yvan Chocoloff (plongee-infos.com), Asawa Ko, Hubert Sacksteder (Photographer met at the airport of Cébu and which was going to expose to the Biennial event of Nancy), my daughter Jessica and I certainly forgot names, saddened …
Thanks to you to have helped me choose photos.
The pictures
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