Aix en Provence

Aix in Provence, May 2017



Can I give my feelings of a city that rocked my adolescence ? At the time, Aix was the make a terrace on Cours Mirabeau. Our occupation is to admire the pretty students, mostly foreigners. Transhumance returned to Aix for the show. This is a special moment for those who do not know.
The Cours Mirabeau is already a splendid place but you have to stroll in the old town. It is teeming with “masks”, these decorations adorning the buildings in the form of human figures, often frightening because their function was to be able to ward off evil spirits to prevent them from entering the house. Beautiful Atlanteans and caryatids also adorn some facades. The Atlanteans represent human figures whose function is to support an architrave instead of a column or a pillar. The name of Atlantean evokes the myth of Atlas who carried the sky on his shoulders. The commercial court on the Cours Mirabeau or the Vendome Pavilion are magnificent examples.
Aix-en-Provence is also extremely rich in religious street statues. the city has a hundred and it is difficult to walk a street without noticing at least one.
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