London, March 2018



It was established almost 2 000 years ago by Romain under the name of Londinium, London was in the xixe century the city the most populated with the world. The same Astérix and Obélix came there ” They are crazy these Breton” said ceaselessly Obélix. According to René Goscinny, it is thanks to Panoramix that the “Bretons” put since some tea in their hot water…
I liked a lot this suprenante city. The old buildings mix in the modern. I was not able to go to City but I saw from afar it, immense towers point towards the sky like pencils which want to write in the often cloudy sky. I was lucky for the weather report. I understand better moreover why Londoniers walks, even a day of sun with an umbrella. A magnificent sun can fast give way to a rain of a few minutes. I had to buy an umbrella which did not leave me any more during my walks. Imagine: 37 miles in 3 days with 22 miles already the 1st day.
I planned to return there because I was not lucky to see Big-Ben, did not surround with its wooden hooping during 4 years renovation work, begun in August, 2017. Except some rare exceptions, the bell should not spell the end anymore before works. This decision divides nevertheless the population and British members of parliament; according to the First Secretary Theresa May, ” it is not reasonable that Big Ben is silenced the counterpart four ans*quot;. It causes a big stir all the same on the other side of Manche. She will ring to announce officially “Brexit” in 2019.
For the next travel there, I wll go the swimming pool inside a cathedral and take a cruiser for travel on the Thames.
The pictures
The special album of London
Note: The album “Special” Gathers images out of the monuments and a small musical video.