New York, 5 days in June 2011

All these buildings, these skyscrapers give the tournis. New-Yorkers are busy people and this is felt. Every effort is made to save time for the food shops that offer dishes and take part individually. You can have lunch early and dine late in these cities where people do not count their hours of work. I advise the visit of Ellis Island that allows to imagine what migrants have experienced. Markings on the walls testify. You also have to climb to the top of the Empire State Building which gives an overview of the city that never seems to end. And then, you have to breathe in the green bubble, Central Park.
Times Square est aussi mémorable. Toutes les photos prises ont été sans flash, encore, car la lumière est si intense que cela est complètement inutile. Par contre, il ne faut surtout pas être agoraphobe.
A great idea, which was taken up in France to help finance the park, was to charge fees for registration on the banks of this beautiful park. A man has made his marriage proposal as well. He bought the right of a text on the bench where he constantly found his future wife: “Carmela, my love, my life … Would you like to get married to me, to you forever, Grubby”.
The town
New York, officially named City of New York, also known as the New York City or NYC names and abbreviations, is the largest city in the United States in terms of population and one of the largest in the Americas. It was the main point of entry for the migrants who came to seek their fortune in this new world with Ellis Island which served as a “triage station”. by refusing certain people, and by separating members of the same family. Ellis Island was nicknamed The Island of Tears. Ellis Island also served as a place of detention for Germans, Italians and Japanese during the Second World War.
New York welcomes some 50 million visitors annually. Times Square, “The Crossroads of the World”, is one of the world’s most popular intersections, and the Broadway Theater District is the hub of the nationwide show and a major hub of the industry. entertainment in the world. The city is home to a large number of bridges and tunnels (78,916 in 2012), skyscrapers and world-famous parks.
We must not forget that New York is also the name of the state, the 27th. This name was given in 1664 in honor of the brother of King Charles II, Duke of York, future James II, when the surrounding area “New Amsterdam” was taken from the Dutch of the United Provinces during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Previously, the region was called “New Angoulême” (or “Terre d’Angoulême”) which was the name given to the bay formed by the mouth of the Hudson River, then called “Vendôme”, by the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano when he discovered it in 1524, when he explored the region on behalf of the King of France Francis I (Count of Angoulême from 1496 to 1515), aboard the small caravel “La Dauphine”.
The pictures
The album special of New York
Note: This album contains panoramic and some shots of “Ellis Island” as well as “Central Park”.