Porto, Special, March 2019



As always, my special section. It is still a group of photos: portraits, doors, drawings a little “dared” on the boats, photos of “style”, statues, …
As I said on the weekend page, Porto was supported by the English and you must have seen the famous English phone booth. But the color changes from time to time. You will also see contiguous doors with numbers. These doors do not correspond to the house but to a set of buildings. Thus a door can be the entrance of the 1st floor, a 2nd of the ground floor and the third of the 2nd floor. With this system, we sometimes find ourselves at a reshuffle and so a number corresponds to a showcase without door …
I already talked about “islands”. These people have a clever system to put a few euros aside when they can. Going to a bank to deposit 2 or 3 EUR is not done. Some cafes have installed mailboxes with a number and the name of a person. Thus, each person can deposit a few euros and twice a year, before Saint John and Christmas, these boxes are dismantled and each person can reap its savings. They will be used to offer gifts or to decorate their island.
Finally, images of a church on the beach, inaccessible by high tide. Unfortunately, it was already closed when we arrived.
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Note: I am not a video editing pro, so my motto “Go to the easiest”.
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