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Santiago, Inside the Cathedral, January and February 2019



There were two churches with the construction of this magnificent building. The first church built in honor of Santiago (St. James) was at the beginning of the 9th century after the devotion of the body of the apostle at the same time. It was replaced by 899 by a larger pre-Romanesque church. After its destruction by the Berbers ransacked the city in 997. The current cathedral is a Romanesque building, built in granite, whose work began in 1075 and was completed in 1211. It was consecrated the same year in the presence of King Alfonso IX of León. This is one of the most representative achievements of the type of the great Romanesque church dedicated to the worship of relics and pilgrimages.
The cathedral has a plan of three naves, a vast transept equipped with collaterals and tribunes, a bedside with ambulatory surrounded by a belt of radiant chapels. Its interior dimensions are 418ft (97m) by 220ft (67m) and a height of 105ft (32m). Each of its facades forms with its respective places magnificent urban ensembles. That of Obradoiro, masterpiece of Baroque style, then that of Acibecharía is also Baroque, that of Las Praterías, and above all, the Porch of Glory, top of Romanesque sculpture executed. This porch is composed of three arches of half a point, the central divided by a trumeau, where we find the image of the master Mateo. In the pyres, the Apostles and the prophets hold sacred conversations. In the tympanum, the Savior surrounded by the four Evangelists. You can also discover the Crypt of the Apostle Saint James the Greater. It is located under the main altar of the basilica (center), it was set up in the nineteenth century, after the authentication of the relics in 1884 by Pope Leo XIII.
Despite its monumental dimensions, the Cathedral of Compostela is not only the largest Romanesque church in Spain, but also one of the largest in Europe, it gives a general impression of slenderness due to the remarkable structuring of various elements, peculiarity that is obvious when compared to some French models.
Some images taken inside the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The exterior is as grand as the interior. By cons, do not go during a ceremony, you cannot take a picture. I was a little on my hunger because the interior was in repair. I avoided as much as possible not to show the scaffolding and it’s not easy.
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