Varage-beach, France, April 2017

Varage-Beack, close to The Etang of Berre, on April 2017
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Etang de Berre (in estang Provençal of Berro in Occitan) is an area of nearby water of the Mediterranean Sea on the West of Marseille. Bigger natural pond of Europe, it is opened on the Mediterranean Sea by Martigues, Provençal Venice. A 2nd opening existed before by the Channel Of Rove, a tunnel of 7km (4.35mi) connecting it in Marseille. Boats passed by this tunnel to reach in Marseille and avoid the bend by the Blue Coast by following Sausset-les-Pins then Carry-le-Rouet. A collapse in June, 1963 ended this passage. Studies are always in progress to reopen it.
Fortunately, the life has already taken its course. The sailors are there as well as the walkers. Fishermen are even there to tease the gudgeon.
A new path allows to follow this beautiful pond. Birds found a cosy nest in the nature reserve of Marignane. Their flight accompanies another flight, that of the commercial planes and the fire-fighting planes.
Come to make some steps in this haven of peace, you will find serenity there
Thanks to Laurent and Patou for this unforgettable day under the sky of this Provence which I like, cradle of my childhood.
Thank you also to Doumette, Patrick, Alain, Regis and the small family of Pacou and Laurent
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