Pista Sa Paris, Paris, Juillet 2019

Pista Sa Paris, Paris, July 2019
For the 3rd consecutive year, I am participating in the Pista Sa Paris, the celebration of the signing of the Philippine Declaration of Independence. New for this year, I was able to follow the parade organized between the Place du Trocadéro and the Stade de la Muette. I made a little video montage of it for you.
It is always a pleasure to be there, surrounded by these Filipinos who celebrate their independence. It is the occation for many to find themselves and the associations compete of creation so that their miss wins the most of victories. I thought this year was the best year I attended. There were many dances including one with a man almost naked, with just a loincloth. Those are the Philippine mountains.
We think, eat Filipino, speak English or Tagalog, an immersion in a small Philippine in France for a day.
A little video:

The pictures
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